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Our review of the World Cage

World Cage Review by Keptforher

(April 30, 2020)

As you know, we only carry devices of high quality. We have trialed numerous products over the years and have rejected many. However, the World Cage passed all our scrutiny with flying colors!

This is an impressive, precision made device. The closest thing to compare to is the CB-X models, and they have improved upon the design in many ways:
  • The Square lock pins incorporate the spacer so there is no need for a separate part, and eliminates one potential pinch point over the CB-X models.
  • The hinged rings are much easier to get into. There are also less sharp than the CB-X counterparts, making it more comfortable for long term wear.
  • The lock pin fits very snugly into the ring. There is absolutely no detectable wiggle in any of the parts.
  • The tubes are much more ventilated compared to CB-X
  • The material is very strong, and not hard to see why they offer a life-time warranty.
  • The Bali tube is smaller in length and diameter to CB-X’s smallest model
  • The package includes the “Security Shield”, which makes pulling out more difficult.

The security shield is not perfect, as our tester was able to pull out, though was much more difficult. Perhaps the points will be longer and/or more firm (less forgiving) in the future. It also still employs a padlock. But the device is every bit as comfortable as a CB-X product, if not moreso – I think most men would agree!

Check it out HERE!

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