Why Chastity? Find out here

Recapture the romance and excitement that used to be in your relationship?
Experience intimacy, trust, and passion from your partner?
Be assured of your man’s longing for only you?
Add some fun spice to your intimate times?
Bring balance to your sexual expectations?

If you can answer “YES!” to any of these questions, then please read on!

Welcome to Kept For Her where male chastity and romance come together.  Kept For Her is owned and operated
by a husband and wife who are totally committed to one another and to the good of the relationship.  We are passionate about our marriage and we hope to help others to enjoy their relationship like we do.  It is our desire that you will find aids to strengthen your relationship, build trust, find fulfillment and intimacy, and have the relationship that you always desired.

We at Kept For Her believe that male chastity can be a wonderful addition to a marriage and can add some wonderful benefits besides.  We don’t just sell male chastity devices, we use them in our daily relationship.  Male chastity lifestyle brings a whole new dimension to the relationship.  The relationship between husband and wife ought to be filled with true love, commitment to the other’s good, selflessness, wild intimacy, and many other things.  So often the focus of the male is on sex.

We began enjoying male chastity in the summer of 2004.  We purchased a CB-3000 and began to discover the enjoyment when hubby is locked and Wife is in control of his “manhood”.  At first it was a bit difficult for Wife to get used to, but she began to read articles and try some different things to see what would be fun.  She also pushed the envelope to see how long she could keep hubby locked up.  The results?  For Wife she has enjoyed a new level of control of hubby as she keeps her package well-locked for whenever she wants it.  In the meantime, she expects to be satisfied sexually, relationally, and emotionally by hubby.  For hubby, he has found a fresh way to serve Wife.  He enjoys waiting on her, caring for her needs, and attending to her most intimate desires.

What started out with the CB-3000 later progressed to the CB-6000, a couple of Ms. Lori’s devices and full belts by NeoSteel and My-Steel.  Whatever the device, Wife wants to make sure that hubby is locked up for her, cannot masturbate or have her hubby locked and frustrated!

For us, male chastity has added a dimension of fun, intimacy, romance and pleasure that we had not known in our intimate life.  We only wish that male chastity devices were around in the late 1970’s when we got married!

As the wife lovingly locks her husband in a chastity device, the focus can be more on the emotional, spiritual, and relational aspects of the marriage.  Do you remember how you courted and as a man, how you sought to lovingly woo your girlfriend with your kindness.  What happened to that spark and desire to keep her interests as your focus?

So where does male chastity come in?  We have been asked that many times.  We believe that a loving wife keeping her husband locked in a good chastity device can have wonderful benefits for the relationship and the marriage.  Let me name a few.
1.  The male is giving honor to his wife by allowing her to keep his most private area locked away for her use only.
2.  Keeping a man in chastity allows the wife to have a say when he is given the honor of having sex with her.  Men oftenthink that they can demand their wives to have sex anytime.  This is not being very considerate.  The man should consider it a great honor to have his wife allow him to be inside of her and enjoying their intimacy together.  In fact, the man should even ask permission to enter his wife, showing her honor in this way.  After they have intercourse, the man should thank his wife for the honor of having her as his wife and for allowing him to have sex with her.
3.  A man in chastity cannot masturbate, which is a frequent problem with men.  When a man gets an erection, the first thing he wants to do is to have an orgasm to make the erection go down.  This can be a very damaging event in a
relationship because now the man may not have interest in his precious wife.
4.  A man in chastity will have his focus on his wife.  There is often a brute pride in a man, ordered by his testosterone.
A good husband will also be a humble man, and gentle, not ordering his wife and belittling her, but being kind,
considerate, helpful, generous, speaking well of her, etc.  It should not take a chastity device to make the man be this
way, but sometimes it can be a help.
5.  A chastity device can be a good training device used by a loving and thoughtful wife to help her husband “learn” how to be the husband he ought to be.  She can set goals and standards.  If they are met, then he just might get a nice
“reward” by being let out or getting some nice attention.
6.  There is a heightened level of sexual intimacy that is achieved by keeping a man in chastity.  While he is locked up, the wife can have her sexual needs met by him in various ways.  But when she finally rewards him by letting him out, he will experience a thrill and enjoyment in sexual intimacy that he has not ever experienced before!
7.  Often in a marriage the man wants to have sex far more often than the woman.  When the wife locks her man up in a male chastity device, now she can call the shots as to when they have sexual intercourse.  He must wait patiently and lovingly.  Now they have sex only as often as the wife desires.

Picture the progression.  The day comes when the chastity device arrives.  The husband and wife sit down together and look at the device, unlock it and take it apart.  The wife has the husband get prepared.  That might mean a shower, some shaving, and drying off.

There is a bit of fumbling with the device as they find the correct ring size and spacer/locking pin combination.  But finally they think they have it!  She helps him get fitted and as she is looking him in the eye and smiling, she clicks the lock.  There is an exchange of loving looks, touches, laughter, and smiles.  Their relationship is so filled with love that the man is able to trust the wife with his member.  She, in turn, knows that she would never misuse her new “ownership”.

She is excited.  She is now able to enjoy his attention more.  She has the key.  This is not an opportunity for abuse but for “re-direction” of the man’s interests and energies.  She might start with one or two days of lockup and then let him out.  There might be some teasing and denying of full pleasure to the man, while she is allowed her desire.  They are both enjoying taking care of one another in a new and fresh way!!

As time goes on, she will learn new ways to use male chastity in their marriage for their mutual enjoyment.  In the
meantime, they will experiment, read articles on the web, and grow in this new lifestyle.  Will it become lifelong?  Who knows?  But for the foreseeable future, he will lead his wife and family with more focus on things that matter more than just sexual fulfillment.

When the wife holds the key, the man will, in time, adjust to the new lifestyle.  He will have his interests not on sex, but on the wholistic enjoyment of the marriage.  Both parties must give 100% to the marriage.  There needs to be wonderful times of conversation, doing errands together, caring for children, planning for the future, dreaming, reading to one another, etc.  When the man is locked up his attention will gravitate to the things which really matter and have enduring value.

Another side benefit… some men want sex several times a day while the wife only wants to make love once or twice a week.  While she may give in to her husband to kindly please him, her heart is not there and there are times she feels violated, used.  Now the man will have sex when she desires.  There comes a balance in the sex life for both partners.

Also, the wife will be taking away his right to any sexual gratification without your approval and/or assistance.  He is unable to touch himself, bring himself any pleasure, and his desires will be focused back on you, his Keyholder.  You will find your relationship filled with fresh romance and enjoyment.  In turn, you the Keyholder will lovingly care for him, not abusing your control and power.

Many people like yourself are looking for intimacy, loyalty and romance in their relationship.  Maybe the flame has died down in your relationship.  Do you remember when you were the object of your man’s attention?  Do you ever wonder what has taken your place?

We believe that keeping a man in chastity and controlling his ability to experience sexual fulfillment without his woman’s approval has a wonderful effect on the romance and enjoyment of the relationship.  Our intention at Kept for Her is to promote healthy relationships between a man and woman through male chastity, and to add some spice and intrigue to the relationship.  Let’s get the fire raging again by keeping him chaste, locked up by and for You!!!

We trust that the products and links offered here might restore the physical, intimate, and spiritual dimensions that were once there.   The products that are offered at Kept for Her are focused on keeping a the male’s penis locked, safe and secure, in a chastity device.  These products are meant to allow the woman to control her man’s sexual fulfillment for whatever reason.  With a sparkle in her eye and the click of the lock, she is in control.

You may think, “My man would never go for this!”  We have found that most men love being controlled by their wives in this way.  He will experience a new thrill and excitement that he never knew he could have with you… his Keyholder!  Like we said before, he will learn new ways to love you, to please you, to be the man you always wanted!  You will have more of what you always wanted!

We find that there are as many men as women that are purchasing chastity devices.  Let’s look at the dynamics of both.

It’s interesting that a man will initiate the purchase of a chastity device… something that will keep his most private area locked up, out of his reach.  For some men there is a fantasy attached to being kept from something that they want.  In this case, a man that would like to masturbate or touch himself is not able to, and that heightens fantasies as well as frustrations.  Some men have spoken of a euphoria associated with continuous sexual frustrations.

We have talked with men that have great guilt associated with masturbation and want to curb that habit.  We understand that !!  Our products will certainly fulfill that desire!  Other men have a desire to be locked up by someone, to be dominated.  These are often times men in a position of power in the community or business world.  They want someone else to control and dominate them and find it very erotic for a woman to exercise her feminine power over them.

For other men, they purchase a chastity device to show their devotion to their wife or SO.  To give up this area of their anatomy to the control of someone that they truly love is to some men a sign of the highest of devotion.  They want the woman to experience the assurance and confidence that their man is wholly theirs, kept for her!

But the majority of the reasons people are purchasing a CB from Kept For Her are to restore the spark and intimacy that used to be so dominant in the marriage.  The man wants to offer to his wife this prized area of his body so that she will have the ability to lovingly control the enjoyment in their intimate time.

Whatever the case, a chastity device can serve many purposes and bring fulfillment of fantasies, correction of bad habits, or sexual fulfillment to them and their relationship.

What about a woman that purchases a chastity device for their man?

More and more women have contacted us to discuss a chastity device for their male.  They have many reasons.  But by far, the number one reason is not for “control” in a dominating fashion.  No, they say that they are looking for ways to add some real romance and spark to their relationship.

Some women that purchase a chastity device do so to correct sexual problems with their men.  They may have caught their man in an affair, masturbating, or just not giving the attention that the woman wants and rightly deserves.  So they order a chastity device and “surprise” their man.  And what a surprise it is!

Other times the woman is looking for renewed intimacy and enjoyment in their relationship.  She is not out for control, but to lovingly captivate her man and keep him for her own desires.  This can be quite fun and intriguing for both partners.

You may want to have a nice ceremony; where he is giving up his rights before you lock him up. Let him touch himself one last time, then put on the chastity device and lock him up. Let that click of the lock be a reminder to him of who is in loving control now! Have some rules and expectations written out that you have him look at and agree to. You know what the strange thing will be? After a while he will begin to enjoy the effect that your control is having on your relationship and on him. We have talked to men who say that they have actually thanked their woman after a period of time because they see the wisdom of what they have done.  Their relationship has taken on new meaning.

So, whether the man or the woman purchases, and for whatever reason a chastity device is purchased, it seems that there are some wonderful results that occur in the relationship, and that is what matters! We want to see men and woman thrilled with each other, committed to one another, enjoying their relationship, and thoroughly loving one another!

Final thoughts about male chastity.  Male chastity can be a wonderful lifestyle and very fulfilling. But there must be balance. If the wife is a dominating keyholder, she can cause her husband to be overly frustrated and bring division into the relationship, causing him to be humiliated, The Keyholder should treat male chastity as an honor that has been handed to her.  She should elevate her male, being grateful that he trusts her to the point of allowing his member to be locked up and controlled by her. She should even look up to him with respect, not down on him.  She should encourage him in his chastity.  Let him know how much you value him, how much you appreciate his fidelity to you. Lovingly speak to him often about your desires for him and that you value his dedication to you.

Male chastity can bring great enjoyment to a relationship if it is treated with love, respect, and dignity.  Keyholder, be loving and kind to your male.  Chaste one, care for your Keyholder!

10 thoughts on “Why Chastity? Find out here

  1. I am a grower,seizing has been a problem. Also recently had treatment for
    Prostrate Cancer. Urologist is not familiar w\ cages.
    Wife has prob.w\ self esteem.Can you suggest readings for both. Internet is full of b.s

    1. Hello Ric, I’m sorry but I’m not clear on what you are asking. Are you asking for advice on cages? We can help with that with more information. But as for your wife’s self esteem problems, I don’t know if we’re equipped to address that. Seems like a pretty broad topic.

  2. If the woman doesn’t want sex with her husband, why stay married?
    If the woman only wants sex on her terms, from your description, it appears like role reversal and no, there’s no guarantee that the man will always be ready to serve.
    Even Doctors, experts in the various practices say use it, or lose it.
    It comes over as borderline abuse.

    1. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. What we offer has helped in many cases.

    2. There are ways to ensure prostate health while locked up.

    3. it is definitely opens the door to abuse by a woman. This is a horrible idea. I challenge this couple to explain how this would not lead to abuse by the wife to the husband

      1. Hello Lou, I’m not sure if you are expecting a reply. We’ve been in this business since 2004, and male chastity is a growing trend, though still something embraced by a small percentage of people. Male chastity is a voluntary thing, and if it were to lead to something not appealing to one of the parties involved, it would not continue. Clearly, it’s not for you.

  3. It’s a very fine line between loving chastity and abuse. Not all women are considerate or kind, what if they become abusers? What then?
    Perhaps more articles on a woman’s responsibility when locking her husband up would be useful?

    1. Dave, thank you for your comment. We’ll watch for such articles and include them here. If you happen to know of any appropriate articles, would you mind passing it along to us? Thanks!

  4. i would never ever allow a woman to have this kind of control over me. just would never do it. It sounds horrible that a woman could have this kind of control over me. i have no respect for a woman who would expect or want or agree to such a practice. of all my abuse in my life it was done by a woman. My first abuser as a 6 yr old boy was done by a woman-a Cruel Nun of all things. i believe this practice would be a very big temptation for a woman to do this especially a woman in a FLR type of marriage which is horrifying in of itself. i am not surprised to see this being used in marriages. truly sad

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