Strict Gate Male Chastity – close-out!

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Introducing Strict Gate, the newest product from the people that brought you the Holy Trainer!

If you are looking for a compact and comfortable chastity device, StrictGate will fulfill the task. It can be worn all day,all night and in any circumstance. Even during sports or work.

There are four pledge rings available to explore chastity under different aspects. The pledge ring must be inserted in the tube. The package includes the STANDARD pledge ring. You can add the Lumino to be seen in the dark, the Pico for punishment & the Stricto for a tight fit.

The Strict Gate set includes :

  • bio resin rigid ring – 3 sizes to choose of
  • medical silicone soft tube
  • 1 standard pledge ring – 2 keys with a rustproof lock

Experience chastity in comfort and security. Enjoy obedience and your man’s promptness.

Note: the 45mm Clear version is no longer available.

Multiple cages in one!

By putting another pledge ringe in your tube you totally change the product vibe. StrictGate is sold the same price as competing models, despite all of the technical innovations. Thanks to its 4 different pledge rings, discover how to change the atmosphere in your couple.

Easy to clean

To wear a chastity cage long term, it is important to keep an excellent daily hygiene. You can put a bit of soap in the tube and knead the cage to clean your penis. We recommend to dry your device thoroughly after the shower.

Tough and efficient

The tube is soft and can’t break under stress or an activity. It ensures that the penis can’t break free without the key.

With StrictGate you will feel comfortable and secure during the whole day without changing your everyday lifestyle.

See our review of the product in our blog here:

Technical data :

2 materials : The tube is made of medical grade silicone
The ring and pledge ring are made of bio resin
2 colors : Clear & Black
4 shapes of pledge rings : Standard / Pico / Lumino / Stricto
3 sizes of rings : Diameter 40, 45 & 50 mm – 1.55, 1.75 & 1.95 inch
Tube length : Lower part 46 mm – 1.8 inch, total length 80 mm – 3.15 inch
Number of air vents : 3
Overall weight with lock : 64g – 2.25 oz

Additional information

Weight N/A
Tube size



Clear, Black

Ring size

40mm, 45mm, 50mm

2 reviews for Strict Gate Male Chastity – close-out!

  1. Jeff

    I’m completely shocked that the company that made the Holy Trainer took any part in this product. This is the least secure device I have ever worn. The internal ring, on its own, comes free and then you can literally just pull both the penis and testicles out. In my case one testicle just came out during a jog. I love KFH and have been shopping here for a long time, please for the sake of your reputation stop selling this product!

  2. countryboys07

    Warning make sure that the strict gate is the right device for you. Make sure it will fit right on you. As for it didn’t. I like the design and the idea of the strict gate but when the options say small they mean small. The tub length was to short for me making the locking ring sit to far away from my stomach. Witch made it possible for me to remove the device completely and then I was able to completely put it back on with it still locked. I only woar it one day. So I can’t say a lot about it. It probably will work great on the guys that it fits right. As for me it didn’t.

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