KSD-G3 for CB-6000 – the authentic original

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Our own original security product – the KSD-G3 – for the ever-popular CB-X devices. Price reduced! Save 50% when purchased with a CB-X package.


Product Description

Our own original security product since 2007 – the KSD-G3 – for the ever-popular CB-X devices!

Price slashed! Buy with a CB-X product and save even more! See our blog for additional information.

The KSD-G3 is designed to work with the CB-6000, CB-6000 Short and the CB-3000 (with minor modification). It is incredibly easy to put on and take off and comfortable to wear! To make is work with the CB-3000 or Curve you will have to modify it by taking 1/16″ off of the top inside of the locking pin hole so that it will drop down 1/16″. It will not work with the CB-2000.

The KSD-G3 incorporates two “ribs”; that are designed to keep the shaft in place and not allow for pulling out. The front rib has a slight forward slant to push the shaft forward. The rear rib along with the front rib are designed to push down, thus preventing unwarranted pulling out by the male. All of the surfaces are smooth and edges are rounded for a comfortable fit and long-term wear.

There is no more measuring: you will receive all three sizes for one price. The “A” is the largest, meant for a soft shaft width of about 1-1/2″. The “B” is for a soft shaft width of 1-3/8″, and the “C”; is for a soft shaft width of about 1-1/4″. Instructions are included for putting the G3 on and getting a good fit.

1 review for KSD-G3 for CB-6000 – the authentic original

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve been wearing my CB6000s with the medium sized KSD-G3 for 24 hours now. So far there has been no pinching, chafing, or discomfort from the KSD.

    It is literally impossible to pull out of the tube while sporting anything more than a semi. I tried to pull out while completely flaccid and was not able to with the B size (I was able to pull out with the A size, although it was somewhat painful and took lube and determination.

    What makes this impressive is that I have tried every single mass produced ball trap device on the market, and even a couple custom ones, and have been able to escape from every single one of them, some while erect. See, I’m both a grower and have a particularly loose scrotum (when flaccid my testicles hang down about twice as far as the tip of my penis)

    Before trying this anti-pullout, I was convinced I was either going to need to get a full belt or a piercing.

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