Holy Trainer V3 – Full Package male chastity

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The reliable and popular Holy Trainer V3 is now on sale!



The Holy trainer V3 male chastity

Now featuring “The Nub” extra small “tube” (if you can call it that!)

With 5 tubes & 5 different rings Holy Trainer V3 is the only brand to offer 25 assembly possibilities !

New features of the V3 model :

  • The overall design is more compact, which offers an absolute discretion and a stylish design
  • We now have 4 tube sizes : Small, Standard but also Nano & Maxi
  • Stronger locking system
  • New colors : Clear, Black, Pink & Purple
  • All of our products are made from Bio resin. There are no petroleum based products in our chastity devices.

What else is new ?

  • Holy trainer V3 is even more discreet. No more hump under your pants
  • A more ergonomic & always discreet design that offers an easy installation with long term wear comfort
  • The tube is thicker at some key points that were weak on our early version


Material – bio-sourced resin, 100% natural, resistant to all solvents and detergents. This resin combines properties that have never before been brought together, for example, transparency and resistance to impacts, as well as a slower rate of development of bacteria.

Tube Lengths (measured from the bottom):

Nub         25mm (0.98 inch)
Nano        35mm (1.36 inch)
Small       45mm (1.75 inch)
Standard 55mm (2.14 inch)
Maxi        65mm (2.54 inch)

Tube Inside Diameter

Nub, Nano & Small (1.3 inches)
Standard & Maxi (1.4 inches)

Ventilation holes – 3 (except the Nub, which has only one)

Rings – 36mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, and 55mm (NOTE: the rings are ergonomically designed, and will physically measure larger than stated. The ring sizes are the same as the version 2 model, however are not interchangeable between versions.)

Holy Trainer male chastity comes in a discreet package with 1 tube, 1 ring, 1 Magic Locker (high quality) and 2 keys. Keys are now coded with numbers so that they can be replaced

Please see our Model Description section for sizing selection advice.

NOTE! The original Guardian anti-pull-out accessory is now compatible with the version 3 product. We have also added a new “toothless” version in four sizes.




Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Ring size

36mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm


Nub, Nano, Small, Standard, Maxi


Clear, Pink, Purple, Black

1 review for Holy Trainer V3 – Full Package male chastity

  1. John Walsh

    I Just love my pink Holy Trainer V3 , Nub with 45mm ring it is so small but yet is very comfortable for long term wear !

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