Holy Trainer male chastity Version 2 Full Package – final clearance!

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36mm Standard White (1)



The Holy Trainer male chastity version 2 – last one!

The Holy Trainer male chastity is made of a bio-sourced resin. This material is being increasingly used in very diverse areas such as aviation and electronics.

The device conforms perfectly to the forms of the body, while completely preventing stimulation of the male member. The Magic Locker eliminates the sometimes-annoying small padlock of other devices.  The Holy Trainer is very light and very comfortable!


Material – bio-sourced resin, resistant to all solvents and detergents
Tube Lengths (measured from the bottom) –

Standard – 2.35″ or 60mm
Small – 1.9″ or 48mm

Tube Inside Diameter – 1-3/8″ or 35 mm for Standard, 34 mm for small

(Note: despite the stated lengths, these are very similar in size to the CB-6000 Regular and CB-6000-S lengths, respectively).

Ventilation holes – 3

Rings -1-1/2″ (40 mm);  1-3/4″ (45 mm);  2″ (50 mm)

Holy Trainer male chastity comes in a discreet package with 1 tube, 1 ring, 1 Magic Locker (high quality) and 2 keys. Extra keys are not available. Magic Lockers are not unique, therefore purchasing a second one will not likely match the one in the package.

Please see our Model Description section for sizing selection advice.

Notice specific to transparent tubes: The clear tube initially had a property that allowed it to soften at body temperature. That property was eliminated in August 2014 due to frequency of defects. All versions now will stay firm at normal body temperatures. Holy Trainer version 2 parts do not become flexible until heated to about 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

New! Buy the Guardian anti-pull-out accessory and save 50% when purchased with the Holy Trainer full package.




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Package size/color

36mm Standard White

Guardian for half price

Not now, White, Black

3 reviews for Holy Trainer male chastity Version 2 Full Package – final clearance!

  1. DickInABox

    Very comfortable
    Ring is like no other
    After 1st night you won’t get waken up by an erection

    Not escape proof, though I have read the Guardian makes it so
    Need to measure well or know your size prior to purchase

    I have worn the CB-3000, CB-6000, CB-6000s, and Bon4. This surpasses them all in every way! I messed up my initial purchase by buying the regular sized tube because I forgot to subtract a 1/4 inch from my measurement. I would shrink in the larger tube causing messy bathroom breaks. Then I purchased the small tube; not only did it become invisible under my clothes it allowed my pee hole to stay near the vent with minimal adjustment to pee.
    Ring size is important to get right on the first shot. If you already have a CB-x model they compare fairly well. To be on the safe size (I measured between sizes) I bought 2 because there was a discounted rate when purchasing a second ring size. The larger ring size was ok, but allowed the device to move more than I was comfortable with. I switched to the smaller size, which was a bit painful under my sack for the first week but soon adjusted to.
    As stated above, after the first night of sleep I had no painful wake ups and only after I switched to the smaller ring size. With previous devices I would wake up every 2 hours every night. An added bonus is this device pulls hair a lot less often. With previous devices I would have to shave at least weekly sometimes sooner or my pubes would get pinched and pulled mercilessly. While I like to stay trimmed, I don’t like to be shaven and the HTv2 allows that without discomfort.
    Getting into the device proved difficult as with other models. With a bit of googling I found the “sock method” to be quite useful. Once I was snuggled in everything was quite nice. As with most CB style devices security is difficult. I have not worn a device that I could not slip out of and back in. I have not yet tried the Guardian but might give it a try soon.
    I would highly recommend this device to anyone who is not willing to put up the money for a full belt. While it is more expensive than other similar devices it is 100% worth the difference!

  2. John

    From Maddie:
    I received my HT2 last week & have just spent my first 24 hours in it with a dear “friend” I met on line & it is truly amazing.
    I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness & special attention, concern, & helpfulness in assisting me with the mail order form.
    The HT2 feels so very comfortable, the fit is snug but not confining, & it is a very sweet reminder of the submissive person that I am. I find The HT2 to be a natural fit to both my life style & profession.
    After confiding with another like minded “friend”, who had a CB6000, purchased the HT2, I was advised that this would be my best choice for my first male chastity device. I am so glad I listen to this advice.
    The locking device is so much more aesthetic than the obtrusive padlock which so many other devices use.
    John, if you would like too, you may use any of this email on your web site as a tribute to such a fine product.

    • John

      Thank you! Normally, we don’t recommend the Holy Trainer as a first device because it can be difficult to get the right ring size and cage. For that reason, the CB6000 is usually better to start with. But we’re very happy that we were able to help and that it has worked out well for you!

  3. TNcuckold

    As an experienced long term cuckold this one is the best for long term wear. I started out with the CB-2000, pink. I loved that one but after a period of time I would develop a rash. And I have tried numerous ones. Trust me my hot wife loves keeping me locked up. And I am small so I have to get the smaller versions. The Holy Trainer 2 is very comfortable to wear and you cannot tell I am wearing it in unlike others I have worn

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