Magic Lock for Holy Trainer and Strict Gate

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Holy Trainer Magic Lock (new in version 2). New design makes it impossible to remove without breaking the device! No more padlocks!

There is one lock with two keys included in the Holy Trainer full package. Additional keys or blanks are not available at this time.

There are 20 different key possibilities, so purchasing a second lock is very unlikely to be compatible with the first one.



Magic Lock for Holy Trainer models. This is compatible with version 2 and later of the Holy Trainer, as well as the Strict Gate products. The Magic Lock comes with two keys.

In 2017, the manufacturer added a key number on each key so that it would be possible to replace a lost key. While we can’t replace a lost key, we can offer to ship you a new lock with a specific number so that you can replace it that way. If you request a specific number, and if we don’t have that number available, we can get one and ship to you in one to two weeks.

IMPORTANT UPDATE October 2020: the manufacturer has engaged another supplier for Magic Locks, and the new ones are not numbered. We will hold onto our supply of numbered locks as long as we can, and also encourage everyone that owns a Holy Trainer to take a close-up picture of their key in the event a match is needed, and we will do our best to find a match if possible.

If ordering two or more Magic Locks at a time, please note in the comments if you want them to match, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

2 reviews for Magic Lock for Holy Trainer and Strict Gate

  1. Allen

    Wife loves the magic lock, no unlocking me for baseball games. Security wand would pickup the clunky padlocks. Use the anti- pullout component and youre never getting out without your wifes key. Great device for cuckold hubs that cant control themselves.

  2. Rick King MA

    I wish Holy trainer would find a way to make a kit that the shaft of the penis could be caste enabling the wearer to shape the way he wants to position his penis in his jeans or dress pants. I find I have to wear different models depending on the style of pants I wear. is there some Designer out there that really can think??? also the electronic monitors can they find a way to make them smaller?

    • John Nelson

      What you describe would amount to a custom fit, which realistically could not be done inexpensively. There is a company that makes such custom devices but as I recall was specifically for accommodating a PA piercing. I think the company was called Evolution, or something like that. I’m not sure what the last sentence actually is about – are you thinking that the Magic Lock can be made smaller and/or with less metal?

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