Holy Trainer Guardian anti-pullout for all versions


The Guardian – Anti-pullout protection for Holy Trainer. Works with version 2 and version 1 of the Holy Trainer, both sized tubes!



The Guardian – Anti-pullout protection for Holy Trainer. Works with versions 1, 2 and 3 of the Holy Trainer!

Update 5/2/2020: Product has been tested and found to be compatible with V4! However is not recommended for the Nub due to tube length.

The design includes a piece that slides onto the Holy Trainer tube, and incorporates three rubber-like pegs that extend into the tube and angled such to make contact with the shaft of the penis. Most men will be able to attach the Guardian device to the tube and put the Holy Trainer on normally. Some men, particularly of greater girth, may have to fiddle with it a bit to get it on, such as sliding the anti-pullout device on simultaneous with pushing the penis into the tube.

The device may require a little bending of the looped end of the device in order to properly attach to the tube. Once on, it should be fairly easy to slide it forward such that the rubber pins extend deeper into the tube.

Once the cage is on, the assembly (particularly the ring)  blocks removal of the pegs. Features include:

  1. It functions similar to a Chinese Finger Trap, and only minimally affects the diameter of the cage.
  2. If trimmed properly, causes minimal (if any) discomfort.
  3. Is compatible with both the Standard and Small tubes.

An added benefit to this design is that it is totally customizable for the wearer.  Individual pins can be shortened or blunted.  It all depends on the wearer. (In fact, the need for customization should be expected.)

These are individually machined on computer controlled equipment and are made from Delrin (a.k.a. gun plastic; the same material that glock pistols are made from.)

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1 review for Holy Trainer Guardian anti-pullout for all versions

  1. John

    From Jack in NYC 12/16/15:
    I’m happy to let you know that not only did I receive the Guardian earlier than expected on Monday but more importantly it works quite well and does what it’s intended to do. I could tell immediately there was no way I could pull out and it really turned me on in a way I’ve never experienced before. After a second trimming to flatten and taper the underside of the ends, it’s not digging in and it’s perfectly secure and it has the added benefit of holding me in place, a little pushed forward so I’m lined up consistently so that’s the second best thing about this. The key is locked in my piggy bank/lockbox and only my wife has the location of the key to the box.
    Thanks again, I’m sure you’ll sell a lot of these. And you can quote me on everything I said above.

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