CB3000 Pink


The CB-3000 Pink – comes with the same hardware that the CB-6000 has. Latest addition to the CB designer series.

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Due to popular demand, CB-X has reintroduced a pink product! The CB3000 Pink uses the same revolutionary CB-6000 has a patented 3-part ring assembly and comes with five different sized rings and three different spacings to ensure a comfortable fit. Product is well backed with a one year warranty. Over-sized rings are available for purchase separately (only in clear or black). Consider adding the “Points of Intrigue” to enhance the chastity experience! Five serialized plastic locks are available to enable passage through metal detectors.

The KSD-G3 set is now FREE when purchased with the CB3000!

Order a cleaning kit, or request one free if your order is over $200.

Beware the Chinese counterfeits!


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