The Vice Male Chastity family

Introducing the Vice Male Chastity devices, the next generation in secure male chastity!

Comfortable and secure, only your keyholder can remove you from it. Imagine wearing this device for as long as your keyholder wishes, knowing you cannot escape. Locked in Lust’s flagship device, The Vice male chastity product, offers just that. The Vice is a lightweight medical grade polycarbonate device, which uses a proprietary anti-pullout device. With carefully selected textures and materials that your skin will form to, effectively making the device more secure the longer you wear it.  The skin forming to the textures causes no permanent damage, but makes pulling out of the device nearly impossible.

This is a very light device with hinged rings and an innovative anti-pullout device. The anti-pullout wraps around and protrudes into the tube to make it nearly impossible for most men to withdraw from. There are three different sized anti-pullouts to help most any man find the most comfortable and secure fit.

Comes in three different tube sizes, each with four rings, three spacers, and available in four different colors.

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Showing all 3 results