Metal Models – custom made for you



Custom made metal models

Jail Bird, Queen’s Keep, Pet Trap, The Dungeon & Watchful Mistress

JAIL BIRD male chastity device is a very popular design. The stainless steel bars are very rigid. They will not bend or pinch. Combines comfort with security, and great looks. Has a very low profile that is easy to hide under clothing and is perfect for 24/7/365 wear.
The open design makes it easy to clean without removing the cage. This makes it possible to wear the device indefinitely. Great for Internet or long-distance relationships.
Customizing your Jail Bird
The punishment pin  and the security screws options are available for this item.  The Jailbird must be 1 1/4″ inside diameter or larger and a length of at least 1 1/2″ for the punishment pin option to fit.
Depending on the length of the cage, the anti pull out may be able to be added.  If you have any questions about these options, please feel free to email us.  Please know that a proper size lock should sit sideways.



The Queen’s Keep is very durable and has an open front design to make it easy to clean without removing the device. It is so lightweight and compact which makes it easy to hide under clothes for 24/7/365 wear. It is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing it at all!
The punishment pin and security screw options are available for this item.  The inside diameter has to be 1 1/4″ or larger and the length must be at least 1 3/4″ for the punishment pin option to fit..


Pet trap

The “Pet Trap” is for those that want a little less access. Solid construction, very comfortable, and secure. Compact design make it easy to conceal under clothing.
The punishment pin and security screw options are available for this item.

The Dungeon male chastity device will keep him in confinement for as long as you choose. He will soon be begging for mercy to get out.
The Dungeon, like all custom metal designs, are made from 316 and 304 stainless steel and it can be built to any size custom size, made just for you or the one you love.


The Watchful Mistress is very durable and has an open design on the sides to make it possible for cleaning without compromising security. It is so lightweight and compact makes it easy to hide under clothes for 24/7/365 wear. It is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing it at all!
This item is great for long distant relationships as it is easy to clean without removing the device.
The punishment pin and security screw options are available for this item.

Common Questions:

How does it feel?

If all seems well, wear it as is for a while and check for problems. If something is too tight, you will see some discoloration in the scrotum mainly. Do not let the wearer be without access to the key until both the wearer and Keyholder are assured of a safe and comfortable fit! This might take several days to a couple of weeks. Keyholder, be patient with the wearer, please!

It may take several adjustments to the Cuff ring, spacers, and/or locking pins before the male is assured of a secure and good fit. Do not settle for anything less than total security
for your Keyholder. She deserves it!

Can I swim, run and have other physical activities while wearing a male chastity device?

Yes! If the sport is extremely fast-paced, you may want to use an athletic supporter. Otherwise, you will be fine.

How do I deal with frustration and mental anxiety while wearing a male chastity device?

Putting on a CB will not be as hard to get used to physically as it will mentally. All of a sudden you have something that is very important taken away from you. You can no longer touch it or stimulate yourself. The best answer is “just deal with!” Hopefully, the Keyholder is kind and will not just leave you alone. There should be some good play and attention given to the male. He’s not as strong as he makes himself out to be. After a few months, the CB will be a normal part of your lifestyle. Both physically and mentally you will become accustomed to it to the point where when it is taken off you will look forward to getting it put back on again.

If possible, get your mind off of the fact that you are locked up. When anxiety hits, go for a walk, call a friend or your KeyHolder, get involved in a hobby, go to the store. Also, you might want to interact with others on a couple of message boards: and You will find others who have probably experienced just what you are going through.

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4 thoughts on “Metal Models – custom made for you

  1. Would be nice to see prices and opions.

    1. Hello Nick,
      The Jail Bird is there, and all of the options that we can offer should be there. We have other models to add, but have had some problems getting them to our site. We hope to have that resolved by the end of the month.

  2. Do you have metal cages that have an internal key so there is no clanging when you are walking?

    1. Hi Kurt,
      The Mature Metal models offer a high-security screw as an alternative to the padlock. Other than that, we don’t offer any metal models that have anything akin to the Holy Trainer magic lock.
      Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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