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Keptforher news – new products, updates, and more

Keptforher news as of March 28, 2020

World Cage

We are among the first to carry the World Cage, a new plastic device to compete with the CB-X products. It has five hinged rings (up to 2-1/8″) and four lock pins that incorporate the spacer. It comes in three cage sizes, the smallest of which (“Bali”) is now the smallest of all plastic models that we are aware of. Extra large and undersized rings can be made from 3D printing, but are rather expensive and take time to make. The World Cage is beautifully packaged and includes a “security shield”, which functions similar to the CB-X points of intrigue. The World Cage includes a lifetime guarantee! (Exception: the security shield is warranted for only three months.) See it HERE.

CB-X full package prices slashed!

Get any CB-X full package now for only $99.95 including free set of KSD-G3’s. (Note: the clear set of KSD-G3 is still half-priced at $7.50 with purchase of the CB-X full package.)

Holy Trainer Version 4

We were just informed of the new version of Holy Trainer and will get our first shipment in around April 1. We are getting an initial shipment of the clear models. See it HERE.

Holy Trainer Version 3

Prices have been reduced! In some cases, we assemble the package from our supply of parts so that we can ship most orders immediately. See it HERE.

Holy Trainer V2

We have just one package left (36mm Standard white) and some rings and tubes. Prices reduced drastically to clear them out to make room for V4 products. See the package HERE, tubes HERE, and rings HERE.

The Vice

We have been informed that the manufacturer will not be able to ship any clear packages to us until late summer. This is due to the COVID19 pandemic impacting their suppliers. As of this date, we do have at least one of each still available. Other colors are still in supply. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


CB-X has announced the discontinuance of the PA-5000 product line. At this time, we still have all sizes available and will keep this page updated when that changes.

More new products to come, but we can’t share yet! Check back soon or follow us on Facebook!

That’s all from Keptforher news now!

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