Holy Trainer – lightweight male chastity device


Version 4 now available for purchase!

V4 is an improvement in comfort, durability and hygiene over the very popular Version 3 models.

The HolyTrainer is made of a 100% natural biosourced resin. This material is being used more and more in very diverse areas such as aviation or electronics. Biosourced resin replaces traditional petroleum-based resins.

The ring shape is perfectly suited to the anatomy of most men. Because it slightly curves outwardly, there is less stress on the testicles if an erection should occur (compared to other male chastity devices).

The new Holy Trainer locking system (called “Magic Locker”) enables the closing of the device without a padlock. It slides through the ring & tube to hold them together.

The sheath includes 3 ventilation holes for comfort and hygiene (except for the Nub, which has only one).

Selecting the Sheath Size

There are five sizes of tubes (also called “sheath”): measuring from the bottom of the tube to the end, the length of the “Standard” model is 55mm (2.35inch); the Small model is 45mm (1.9inch). Most men fit comfortably into the Small and Standard models, though there are available sizes for larger and smaller men. When selecting an appropriate size for yourself, you should base your selection on the distance of the underside of your flaccid shaft from the tip of the head to the end where it meets the scrotum. Do not stretch the shaft out in any way when taking the measurement.

The inside diameters of the Standard and Maxi are 35mm (1.4inch). The Small, Nano, and Nub sheaths 34mm (1.3inch), respectively.

Selecting a Ring Size

In our experience, you will more likely get the right fit if you subtract 6mm (or about 1/4″) from your string measurement and then choose the corresponding ring suggestion.

Ring sizing

The following advice for ring size comes from the manufacturer site:

1.Take a string some 30 cm (12 inches) long, and place it around your your scrotum and penis. Remember not to use elastic string, as this would skew the measurements.

2.Make a double knot: the string should be tight enough to make it difficult for you to slip a finger under it, yet not so strong as to cut off the blood flow. Leave the string on for 5 minutes.

3.to make sure it is the right diameter. Cut the string with a pair of scissors, taking care not to hurt yourself while doing so.

4.Measure the length of the string, and consult the following table to learn which is the right diameter for you.

  • Less than 119mm (4-11/16″) – 36mm ring is recommended
  • 119mm up to 132mm (5-7/32″) – 40mm ring is recommended
  • 133 mm up to 148mm (5-13/16″) – 45mm ring is recommended
  • 149 mm up to 163 mm (6-7/16″) – 50mm ring is recommended
  • 164mm up to 178mm (7-1/16″) a 55mm ring is recommended
  • Larger than 178mm – likely to be too tight to wear safely and comfortably

NOTE: our customers have reported that the rings tend to feel larger than expected. In fact, if you try to measure any of the rings, you will not find a dimension on the ring that matches the published size. If you measure yourself and are close to the bottom of the range at the left, most men will feel more comfortable with the smaller sized ring.This model may be ideal for many men with a high ball sack. For other men, the ring may fit too loosely to give a very secure fit. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns before making your purchase. These products are not returnable if they do not meet your expectations.

If you have worn a CB6000 or similar model, our customers generally have had success equating their CB ring size as follows:

#X ring (2.25) and #L (2-1/8) = 55mm ring size

#1 ring (2.0″) and #L (2-1/8″) = 50mm ring size

#2 ring (1-7/8″) = 45mm ring size

#3 ring (1-3/4″) = 40mm ring size

#4 ring (1-5/8″) = 36mm ring size

The 55mm ring may be too large when compared to the #L (2-1/8″) CBX ring unless a larger spacer is used The #5 ring (1-1/2″; might be too small to stay secure in the 36mm Holy Trainer size.

Common Questions:

How does it feel?

If all seems well, wear it as is for a while and check for problems. If something is too tight, you will see some discoloration in the scrotum mainly. Do not let the wearer be without access to the key until both the wearer and Keyholder are assured of a safe and comfortable fit! This might take several days to a couple of weeks. Keyholder, be patient with the wearer, please!

It may take several adjustments to the Cuff ring, spacers, and/or locking pins before the male is assured of a secure and good fit. Do not settle for anything less than total security
for your Keyholder. She deserves it!

Can I swim, run and have other physical activities while wearing a male chastity device?

Yes! If the sport is extremely fast-paced, you may want to use an athletic supporter. Otherwise, you will be fine.

How do I deal with frustration and mental anxiety while wearing a male chastity device?

Putting on a CB will not be as hard to get used to physically as it will mentally. All of a sudden you have something that is very important taken away from you. You can no longer touch it or stimulate yourself. The best answer is “just deal with!” Hopefully, the Keyholder is kind and will not just leave you alone. There should be some good play and attention given to the male. He’s not as strong as he makes himself out to be. After a few months, the CB will be a normal part of your lifestyle. Both physically and mentally you will become accustomed to it to the point where when it is taken off you will look forward to getting it put back on again.

If possible, get your mind off of the fact that you are locked up. When anxiety hits, go for a walk, call a friend or your KeyHolder, get involved in a hobby, go to the store. Also, you might want to interact with others on a couple of message boards: www.locknkeep.com and www.lockmeup.com. You will find others who have probably experienced just what you are going through.

I get skin poking out of the vent holes

This may happen during arousals. Take some clear packing tape and put it over the holes. That will stop that problem. To get the skin out of the holes, pull backwards on the shaft until the skin pulls back down.

Can I make it through the airport security check with the holy trainer on?

The magic lock may trigger a metal detector if it is sensitive enough. However the full body scanners at most airports will detect any non-body item. Some have reported no problem, others have had to go behind a screen and show, but have ultimately been allowed through.

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  1. What is the weight in ounces?


    1. Hello Brian,
      The weight varies between 2.4 and 3.0 ounces, depending on ring and tube size. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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