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Holy Trainer Review

The review of the Holy Trainer has been updated with comments specific to version 2.

2 thoughts on “Holy Trainer Review

  1. Really pleased with my HT2 and extremely satisfied with the speed of delivery. I placed my order on a Saturday morning and even though I figured I’d be wasting my money, chose the 1-3 day shipping. Surprisingly, it showed up Monday afternoon! One thing I would stress to potential buyers of the HT2 is that due to the sharp downward angle of the tube, there’s not a lot of room between the tube and the ring. If your scrotum stays tight and close to your body, definitely take that into consideration. Two things I think would make the HT2 even better would be to include two ring sizes instead of just one, and offer an extra-long tube accessory that could make nocturnal erections less uncomfortable. Otherwise, great product and outstanding service!

  2. Check out the New Holytrainer its called the StrictGate. A combo of silicone and bioraisin plastics.
    Could be even better then the HolyTrainerV2

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