4 thoughts on “Fitting

  1. I would like to purchase a HT v4.
    I currently use a CB6000s with the second smallest ring. Could you please help me select the closed HolyTrainer fit.
    Thank you.

    1. The second smallest is the #2 ring, measuring 1-5/8″. The HT size that most men find comfortable is the 36mm HT ring. As we spoke, the #3 ring that you actually use is normally equivalent to the 40mm HT ring.

  2. New to chastity, but from my research I think I would like to purchase a Holy Trainer V4. What I cannot figure out is how to calculate is the tube size. Could you help me with this please?

    1. Hi Jim, we’re happy to help if we can. Usually the ring size is the hardest, but the tube is determined by the measurement of your flaccid penis from the underside where it meets the scrotum to the end of the shaft. With that measurement I can tell you which would fit best. Small is the most popular size, if that helps.

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