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Kept For Her has been in business since October 2004 providing wonderful Male Chastity products.

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Thank you so much for your wonderful company. I am making my third purchase from you in the last three years. We started with a CB-6000, but we have found the Birdlocked is much better as I require my husband to be in his device 24/7. It is more comfortable for him, and much easier to maintain good hygiene. We continue to use your company because of your exceptional value and customer service. We have had a very strong marriage for 21 years, and infidelity has never been an issue for either one of us. But since we have embraced a lifestyle of Feminine Superiority, our relationship has grown even stronger.
My husband is completely devoted to me all day, every day. I am completely satisfied inside and outside the bedroom. Dishes, vacuuming, laundry-all a thing of the past for me. My husband takes care of all these things, and he's very happy to do it. I have trained him to no longer ask for orgasms with MY property-I decide when I will allow it-and he submits willingly for his milkings when I am keeping him in chastity for extended periods. He is a wonderful husband; he understands his place and mine as his superior. He makes me happy everyday, and we thank you! Update 6/29/13: Lady Kim and her husband are celebrating their 23rd anniversary. Congratulations to you both!

From Lady Kim

Recently I confessed my desire to my wife that I wanted her to take control of our marriage of 17 years by placing me in chastity. After a couple of weeks of conversation she decided to place an order for a cb6000s with the kds g3. The package arrived two days latter and I was immediately put into my new reality. The kds enhancement made wearing my device a bit more uncomfortable, but impossible for me to break free. After three days of continual wear I began to get used to the device and the mental stress and excitement if being totally focused on my wife. The results are amazing as I am a better man and husband to the woman I love. Thank you for assisting my wife in making the right purchase and making her comfortable in a lifestyle change that has enhanced our relationship.

From Pete (October 12, 2013)

Dear Tom and Susie,
I got a lovely email today from Susie, who had not only put my love note inside but also tissue paper. I hope my darling Jen loves it as I do. My point is how good is kept for her?
You're so straight and honest and I find the material on your site really lovely such as romantic tips and you mentioning that marriage take 3 which is something both Jenny and I know. It makes me feel like I'm dealing with friends not just a business in a country I have never been to but its on my list. I will keep in touch and let you know how we go and leave a comment.

I have lot of work to do with my darling wife, I need to honour her and love her and I think (wearing my heart on my sleeve as I do) I simply have to give my self to her, any less and I have if nothing else let my self down. I believe in sanctity in marriage, and the one and only spouse until they put me in a pine box.


My first worries about venturing into purchasing a cb-6000 was which tube to buy. I debated for a couple weeks. I'm about 3inches and right at 6 when hard. I was worried about buying the wrong size, due to the price. However, I went with the cb-6000 short. No worries--it was a great fit.

You state that it will take a few weeks to find the right fit. You were exactly correct. It took several weeks to find what worked. The 1 3/4 ring size with the next to smallest spacer works best for me.

I was worried about how discrete this might be. No worries. I wear a pair of tighter underwear along with my regular pair and it is not noticeable.

I was worried about sleeping in the device. No worries. With a pillow top mattress I can still sleep on my stomach. On aharder mattress, a little uncomfortable. Sleeping on side, not a problem.

I was worried about how I might work out and run with this device on. No worries. The first time I went to the gym with it on, I ran a couple miles and it actually felt great. It felt secure and it actually worked as an athletic supporter.

The biggest worry came when I was ordering. I am a very conservative guy and did not want my information shared or people at the post office knowing what I ordered. No worries. You all delivered. The package was discrete and the delivery was fast.
Thank you.

Also--like the ultimate test! In Christ--no worries!

Hello Tom and Susie,
We received the replacement tube on Friday 15th. Thank you very much for your prompt turn around time. I have had very few good experiences with warranty returns but this one has been one of the best by far.

Kind Regards, Chris

My wife and I just received our CB-6000. Very fast shipping, and great product! Love it!

Hi Susie
I just thought I would let you know how things are my following receipt of the device he only took a few days to get used to it, as it fitted so well and he grudgingly admitted was comfortable, he has been wearing it for 3 weeks 24/7 I allow him release now and again and he works hard to satisfy me so that the releases can continue on a regular basis's.
I did lock him up for a full 7 days as I mentioned and he whilst initially he thought it was a going to be easy and agreed, towards the end of the period he needed my support and sympathy it certainly bought out his submissive side. I would strongly recommend to ladies that they give this a try it spices up your sex life and keeps your partner on his toes.


I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful site, service and products.

My wife and I have played with chastity for a couple of years and have used cb2000 and cb3000 in the past but I always had trouble with the fit and resulting pain and chaffing. I ordered one of the BirdLocked Neo's and all I can say is WOW. It fits great and feels great. I have talked to my wife (and Goddess) about being my key holder in the past. She has been reluctant, she has been there in the past and seen the problems of the other devices. After several trail periods in the Neo I again asked her to be my Keyholder, to my surprise she said YES!. I have been locked for several days now. She has a different attitude this time and I believe she is serious about keeping me locked. I love her so much and have wanted to be completely devoted to her and
be her "perfect man". She has agreed to teach and train me to be just that. I cannot tell you how happy I am to do this for and with her. My Goddess is the love of my life and now thanks to your site and products I can be her perfect husband and lover. Again thank you so much!


Just wanted to give you some feedback (i.e. another data point) from my recent order. As you know, the order was shipped out very quickly from your facility - thanks much! I believe it shipped on Friday 25-March. I received it (Calgary, AB Canada) delivered to my house on Monday 4-April, which is 6 business days for the shipping (Priority Mail Canada). Thanks! for the great service and product - am really enjoying it so far.


I want to highly commend you for showing that even Christians can have an exciting and exuberant sex life, with lots of adventure, and do it all within the confines of a right, monogamous relationship. In reading the section called, "Why Chastity," there was a part about why men are purchasing chastity devices. To all those reasons listed, I want to add an enthusiastic "YES!!" It is my deep desire to enter into this lifestyle with my wife. Thanks for what you're doing.


I've purchased items from them several times and their service is fantastic. The quality of their merchandise is excellent and does it exactly what it promises. I will absolutely shop with them again!


It is refreshing to deal with a company that is both honest and customer oriented. They are easily reachable by phone and do return calls promptly. Their recommendations and advice can often save the customer money. They are solid responsible people who are a delight to deal with!


Kim and I are doing wonderfully. Kim requires me to wear my chastity devise 24/7. Our intimate lives are sensational. I am released at her discretion. My release is determined on how well I do with my Lady's directions; laundry, housework, child rearing responsibilities, etc. Lady Kim also requires that I follow my diet (I have lost 10 pounds), and I had to quit smoking. I snuck a cigarette once-that will not happen again. Each cigarette earns me an additional MONTH in chastity. Thank God for her! I am healthier and happier!

Joe & Kim

I can’t believe there’s actually a CHRISTIAN chastity device web site. Some of your stuff could have come straight from James Dobson or Gary Smalley. My wife put my chastity device on for the first time last night, and I will be wearing it anytime I am “out and about” without her or the kids. I have broken her trust, and this will reassure her that I will NOT be breaking it any more. Thank you for a diffeent perspective on chastity than the norm.

John H.

Happy new year .. it has been 3 weeks since my husband had any freedom. He is a changed man. He will nearly do what ever I ask. Since about two weeks ago he has been overly affectionate and couldn't do enough to please me. On weekends I secure him to the bed and gag him leaving him like that for hours. I remove the cage but leave the ring on and tease him till no end. Then I remove his gag and then he pleases me in ways I can't even explain.. Then I relock him up in the cage leaving him bound until the morning, and I let him wonder if he will ever have any access to his friend again. Thank you again. You saved our marriage.


Thank you, you may use my story I would be honored. I'll keep you informed of my husbands progress. I hope I don't sound out of line but, I am really enjoying this new found control. This brings a whole new life to our relationship. I also like the idea you put into my head about restraining him. I think when he gets home I will tie him to the bed and gag him and just keep teasing him. I want him to realize i'm the new boss.


I really do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. As I said I would keep you updated.

Last week when my husband had gotten home from his business trip he was all smiles. I asked him what was the matter he just replied "you'll see". Later that night we made love and it was great, no different from any other time. He went to take a shower. When he was all done he came out in his robe with a smile from ear to ear, he then laid down next to me and handed me a present to open.. When I opened it there was an unopened padlock still in the package sealed. Then he removed his robe wearing the CB-6000 chastity device. He smiled and hugged me and said smiling. "Now you may lock me up and have full control over me." Without any delay I opened the lock and quickly installed it, the one small click of the lock was like music to my ears.. I now wear the key around my neck.
The next morning everything was normal we went about are daily routines... One of the best parts is to see my husband sitting down to pee, that's a total turn on and rush. Several days have gone by and I notice my husband keep trying to touch his penis
and his look on his face has great disappointment knowing he can't.. now I know I have control.
He is leaving for business this morning, so last night I had teased him to no end without any release. This morning I have given him the envelope with the sealed key and said "I'll see you when you get home in four days." He had a look on his face like he had just lost his puppy, he said "you're not going to let me out ". I said "If you' e good when you come home we'll see." I gave him a great big hug and said "I hope you will thinking of me on your trip". He replied "Do I have a choice?" and I said with a smile, "You gave me control so the answer to your question is no."
Once again thank you, I already see a difference in my husband, he wants to be closer to me and even cuddle more.


I am totally impressed by you folks! Your “customer care” grades are off the charts. I expect to be a loyal customer for a long, long time.

Bob W.

I had bought your a Birdlock classic and the Birdlock short from you guys and both arrived in a very timely manner as well as very discretely packaged. I am single right now dating a beautiful young Lady. We are both virgins and I had started to try to satisfy myself before getting this chastity device. I am now locked in it almost 24/7. I only undo it to clean myself. She does not know I am in chastity but I am going to tell her either after we get engaged or as a wedding present to her. I want to be true to her and her only. Thank you for the work you are doing to keep the family together.


Freaky fast shipping... I was shocked to receive my new KSD-G3’s after only one business day! Awesome as well as everyone claims. Solves a common problem with a simple solution. Immediately comfortable fit, and the most secure I’ve felt since I’ve been wearing my CB-6000. Thanks, and keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for the rapid response. I ordered my CB6000S on Friday and received it in the mail on Monday. The mail comes at about 10 am and by supper time, I was handing the keys to my overjoyed wife. My wife and I both have jealousy and trust issues. She jokingly makes cracks about my "girlfriend" but I know she's suspicious. I really don't have eyes for anyone but her, but she doesn't seem to believe me, so when I made mention of locking myself up, her eyes lit up and she got this
beautiful smile on her face. It's been 24 hours now. I'm still getting used to it, but she's been dancing around the house and truly enjoying my frustration. She even mentioned buying a strapon dildo and a magic bullet. I've got a feeling, I'm in for a long ride. I didn't even know she had it in her. She's usually pretty straightforward about sex, but wow, what a difference a locked up penis makes. Thank you again.

Kept for Her is a pleasure to do business with. They have fair prices, ship fast and great customer service. I would definately do business with them again.

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5 thoughts on “Customer feedback

  1. The new V4 Nub is HORRIBLE, completely unwearable.
    I’ve owned all versions, no problem.
    I think they purposefully don’t give much full angle imagery because they know people would know the design is now horrible.
    I feel duped by Holy Trainer. I think something must be seriously wrong at their company to push such a flagrant error out.
    They had some bs on the site about how people have no problem riding bikes with their device. Total bs. Total bs.
    I’d advise strongly against the V4 Holy Trainer. Sorry.
    3x previously happy buyer.

    1. Hello Liam, I’m very sorry to hear of your disappointment. This is the first feedback of any kind on this product.

      Did you buy it from us? I can’t find your email address in out database.

  2. I placed an order with you on October 5 invoice ID WC-27913 Item #CB6KS through PayPal and haven’t received a confirmation from you yet. My email is and also

    1. I’m sorry Steven, it may have gone to your junk mail. The USPS tracking number is 9405511699000362144612. According to the tracking, it was delivered today at 12:26 PM.

  3. A few years back I purchased the min Birdlock with the 45 ring I can honestly say its the best buy I have ever made out of the several other I bought. This one is so comfortable that it wears well for long term and is every easy to keep clean . in fact wearing it long term you even forget your wearing it..
    This one is well worth its money and its not a knock off like some of the others..

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