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We are glad to answer all questions quickly. You may call John at 602-820-6397 or fill the following form. Please keep your questions to the product, its fit, selection of a product, etc. Please do not ask personal questions or how we are using the products in our relationship.

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  1. Howdy,

    Looking to make the leap. With the current virus situation, it has eliminated the ability to pay cash for these devices from a local stores (for privacy reasons) and I stumbled on your great little site.

    Not that I don’t trust what you have shared about privacy, but concern about a data breach, I was wanting to know if the following options are possible:

    1. Shipping. We’d like to do a General Delivery to Fort Worth, TX and pick it up in person from the post office. Is this something you can do, or have done before? The only sensitive piece of information here is just my name, but otherwise keeps mostly anonymous.

    2. Payment with an Amex gift card purchased and activated in person at a store. (Loaded a high amount so it easily covers order amount). Says it works everywhere Amex is accepted. I’m not sure what to put in for billing information, however, as we’d rather keep that as anonymous as possible.

    I’m wondering if the order was placed like the ordering process is laid out, if it would even be completed with PayPal not tripping for fraud or something. And with it being a gift card, I’d rather not try and see what happens if the funds get used up but the order isn’t completed.

    All of this is just for privacy reasons, I hope you can understand. Been wanting to place an order for weeks but it’s been a struggle working through the privacy concerns. Look forward to hearing back.


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Yes, we can do general delivery, or another option is “hold for pickup”. We’ve done both.

      You should be able to complete the purchase with an Amex gift card, just use your own address. For gift cards, it should not be processing based on billing zip code. If you run into trouble, call us and we can complete your purchase another way.


  2. Hi I bought a holy trainer 3 device from you awhile back and I also bought the anti pullout pieces for it. However I seemed to have misplaced the paper instructions that was supplied on how to properly install the anti pullout pieces onto the cage. I’ve been searching online for instructions on how to install them and have come up short. Is there any chance you can send me a PDF version of the instructions through email? I would greatly appreciate it if you are able to. Thank you.

    1. I just sent via email, if you don’t see them check your junk mail folder.


  3. Hi. I am looking to purchase HT and would like to know if you have any updates/opinions on HT3 vs 4.

    Also, I would like advice on fitting.

    I have a cheaper steal cage and use the 1.75” circular ring. Should i get 40 or 45 mm?

    For length, I average 2.75” flaccid measuring from underside. Based on CB sizing and what I have read on guides, I assumed the Cb6000s would be right and have read HT small is same tube size but I can’t tell based on how HT quotes measurements.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Thank you for your questions. Comparing V4 to V3:
      • V4 is slightly more discrete based on a change to the tube shape.
      • V4 adds a lip around the urinal opening to help minimize spraying.
      • V4 rings are wider than V3 (~15mm vs ~10mm), which may be a disadvantage for men with high and tight scrotums.

      If your 1.75” ring fits you comfortably, the 40mm ring is the best fit for most men. However, if your testicles are large, the 45mm may be better.

      The HT small is the closest equivalent to CB6000S. The next larger size (Standard) may be comfortable but leave you a bit more room at the end of the tube.

  4. According to this page:
    “As of March 22, 2020 we have not previewed the product nor can we offer a description of the differences from the V3 model.”
    “Shipments of some clear models will begin around April 1. Availability of other sizes and colors will be limited for a while. Please contact us for details.”

    It’s now early May. Do you have any update you could do for that page? Have you now seen the product? Is it shipping, and what models are available?

    Also – on the manufacturer’s website, there is an option to order just a tube or just a ring. I’m interested in ordering a full unit and an extra tube and/or ring of a different size so that I can see what fits best. But on your website, I only see ordering of the full unit, no possibility of ordering a tube or ring separately. Is it possible to do that? (I would prefer to order from you since the shipping would be within the US rather than rely on the manufacturer who is shipping from Europe.) Also – if I order an extra tube and/or ring of a different size, once I find which size fits me best, is it possible to return the extra for a refund?


    1. Hello! Yes, thank you for your questions, and for the reminder to update the page.

      We have the product now, though in limited quantities as the manufacturer has been slow to ship lately. We have the rings and tubes, and when necessary we are packaging sets from the parts. We do have the V4 rings and tubes available for sale on the Holy Trainer page ( and they appear near the bottom. Please contact us directly by email or by phone to check stock of any parts or sets that you are interested in, and we can tell you if we have it or when we will.

      You can certainly order an extra ring or tube with a set, but we cannot accept returns of open product. We can accept returns of unopened product only.We can offer you a discount on such an order as you describe.

      Please write us at or call 602-820-6397 if we can be of further assistance.

      Thank you!

  5. Hay John,I’m purchasing the holy trainer version 4 with Express overnight shipping to the state of Georgia.
    How long after the order is placed will it ship and where will it ship from

    1. Hi Stephen, if we have it in stock we would ship from Arizona tomorrow. USPS Express would likely get it to you Tuesday if you are near Atlanta. Let us know what you want so that we can confirm availability. Good to hear from you, I hope you and yours are well and staying safe.

  6. That’s fantastic Stephen, thank you so much! Can you send me a link to your video? I’d like to share it on our facebook page.

    When you order in the future, please use discount code FRIEND for 10% off. We appreciate you and your support very much!

    Thanks again,


  7. Hi KFH team,

    I have a CB6000s. I would like to purchase the KSD-3G since the flexpoints to scaff.
    Do you have any reliable resellers in Europe? I find that the shipping cost to the product price if very high when shipping from the US? I found some offers on amazon but they all seem knock offs. Best, Florian

    1. Hello Florian, we do share our products with Uberkinky in the UK. We had previous relationships with two other companies in Europe, but they have not ordered anything from us in several years. I hope that helps, and understand about the concern over shipping costs. They just keep going up!

  8. Hi
    I like the nub chastity for hubby as i want him to be less male but my question is, is there anyway to make him appear under panties to be more of a vagina look for him
    Does any lock do this
    Than you

    1. Hi Judy, the Nub might get you the look that you describe, though it would still stick out a bit. It’s a rather unusual question, but I don’t really know of anything that would give you such a complete camel-toe look.

      Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  9. I am looking for recommendation for a chastity device for my husband. We are beginning a female led relationship and one of the first things I am having him do is wear a chastity device. He is on the small side both in length and thickness. He is about 3.25 inches long when not erect and based on what I saw on line, I think he would fit in a size 40 ring. He will be in the device for several weeks initially and longer term, up to several months. Ideally, I’d like for the device to be tangible reminder that he is submissive to me and that I am in charge.

    1. Hello Jen, we are happy to help if we can. I am guessing that this would be his first device, and we would normally suggest one of the plastic models (World Cage, Vice, and CB-X)as a start as there are multiple rings and spacers available to help ensure that he finds the most comfortable fit. The cage size would be determined but measuring his flaccid length from the underside of the shaft to the tip. The diameter is also important, particularly if the World Cage is the choice (the Bali tube is the shortest, but is more narrow than the rest). Also, please plan for periodic removal for cleaning, after which it can be immediately put back on. Experiences vary, but anywhere from 2-7 days is typical.

      Please write to us a if we can be of further assistance.

  10. Dear friends at KFH: I’ve tried several different types of chastity devices over the past few years, and after many attempts, I’ve found I’m unable to wear any of them for more than 2 hours without significant discomfort. The only exception is the CB-2000, which I bought from KFH some years ago; I was able to wear it comfortably for a week or more, and had a good experience with it. Unfortunately, to make a long story short, my CB-2000 has been damaged and is no longer usable. It looks like no one is selling the CB-2000 anymore, including KFH. Do you happen to have any CB-2000’s stashed away somewhere? And if you do, would you be able to please sell me one? Thanks.

    1. Hello D.B. If it is any comfort, you are not alone. The CB-2000 was discontinued in 2009, and we had quite a few people tell us that nothing since then was better. I still have a pink on myself that I use from time to time. We do have a used clear model on hand. We haven’t had any intention of selling it, but might be willing. What would you offer?

      1. Since it sounds like it’s a rare item–and provided it’s in good condition–would $150 (plus shipping & sales tax) be enough for it? Please feel free to email me directly, if you need to discuss. Thanks.

  11. I have been supplied a full set of Holy trainer small , version 2 plus a stainless steel
    will this anti pull out be ok to use with them as need to keep all in tube when sleeping or in cold outside shrinkage etc

    1. Hi Bernice,

      I can’t speak to the stainless steel model, but our guardian devices work well with HT V2. The type with the rubber fingers was specifically designed for it.

      Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  12. Edited… hello! I want to start off by saying I love the Holy Trainer. I love the comfort fit and its security. I wear a v1. I have an idea for a more effective anti-pullout device. I have tried several options including the 3 prong anti pullout system as well as the thickest sized guardian. All variations of one or both together are either ineffective or unrealistic for long term wear. My idea is simple. Following the pattern of the three prong device… instead of those prongs, have a tounge like protrusion that points the shaft downward. Something spongy near the base ring but ending in a more rigid plate pressing the glans down and will catch on the glans, preventing pull out. Think of a tounge pressing down on the shaft maybe with a sandpaper like texture (see the vice antipullout device). You could design it to slot into the holy trainer just like the guardian device but would be more secure and comfortable. Let me know whT you think! Much love to this company.

    1. Hi Jeff, thank you for sharing the idea. I will forward to the producer of the Guardian devices for consideration and see if something can be done!

  13. We have the Holy Trainer v4 and are using the Guardian from the prior HTv3. The Guardian is about a year old, and it has the thin extensions at the end of the clip to hold it in place. Even with those, it can still be slipped off with a pen, paper clip, etc since the plastic will bend and spring into place if you pry it/push on it. Do you recommend that we glue the Guardian on? Is there an even newer version of the Guardian that is more secure? Your photos don’t show anything different from what we have bought from you in the past. The Guardian is terrific for blocking the ability to pull out of the tube, but only if the Guardian itself securely remains in position.

    Alternatively, what about something which actually encircles the shaft? Not sure exactly what it would look like, but a soft-ish ring that goes around the shaft and then hooks outside the tube. I’m temped to have my husband try looping a O-ring around his shaft, twisting it into a figure 8, and then having the other end outside the tube, but we are concerned that long term wear of something that thin could cut off circulation.

    The HT is great and the Guardian is a great concept, but we are just looking for a little bit of help making sure it is completely secure!

    1. Hello, and thank you for your input. We’ve heard that comment from several people lately. I’ll run it by the designer that makes the Guardian, maybe he can come up with something. Personally, I don’t see a way that we could encircle the tube and still be able to get it on and off, but maybe he can.

  14. Do you have any HT V2 small tubes left in stock?

    1. Yes, we have one white one left. Please let us know if you need further assistance.


  15. Do you ship on sundays? Also do you have an option to select fastest shipping for htv4?

    1. Hello! No, we don’t ship on Sundays or postal holidays. The fastest shipping we offer is USPS Express, which is next day to most places in the USA. At worst, it is second day.

  16. Was reviewing your metal cage products and noticed the mention of punishment pins. So, far have only found a written description. No pictures of the variety of options or them installed on a cage.

    1. Hello Joe, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ve added a photo of the punishment pins to the Jail Bird product, and will update the others over the next few days.

  17. Hello, I noticed the HT V4 is on sale for $129, when I try to place the order the price goes back up to $169. Can someone help me with this?

    1. Hello Ike! Unfortunately the sale ended yesterday. We only had permission to sell below manufacturer price for that limited time.
      We can offer you a 10% discount today only if you are still interested.

      1. Oh shoot, I was too late placing my order. I am definitely interested but will need to hold for a bit.

  18. I am new to chastity. What is the difference between strict gate and holy trainer V4? Do you have a recommendation?

    1. Hi Kendra, thank you for asking, we’re happy to help if we can.
      Strict Gate and Holy Trainer are made by the same company. The primary difference is that the cage portion on the strict gate is soft, while holy trainer is rigid. Holy Trainer has five different sized tubes and rings, Strict Gate only one and three respectively. Another factor is that Holy Trainer parts can be purchased separately, Strict Gate is all one unit.
      Neither is well suited as a first device however, as both come with only one ring: if you don’t get it right you would have to buy another. A better choice is one of the durable plastic models, either a CB-X model, a World Cage, or the Vice. All have multiple rings and spacers which makes it more likely that you will find a good fit. There are multiple tube sizes offered as well.
      I hope that helps, please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

      1. Thank you John, that was helpful. I had found information on the site which describes how to measure for the tube and ring, but can’t find it now was it removed? Can you send it to me?

        1. Hi Kendra,
          The sizing instructions for Holy Trainer can be found here:
          The advice there comes directly from the Holy Trainer website. I will caution you though that more than half of our customers get the string measurement wrong – it always comes out way too high.
          Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  19. Hi John, can you please send me the link to the information on measurement suggestions so I can decide which size to order.


  20. Any chance you can contact via email. I have a couple of questions about a custom device you made for me years ago.

    1. I sent a reply yesterday and again this morning. Please let me know if you do not receive it.

  21. Do you have any v3 rings available still? Preferably black and 38mm, but am open to other colors if that is all that is available. Also cost please.

    1. Yes, we have the V3 rings still, but there never was a 38mm. We have the 36mm and 40mm available in all four colors except for the 36mm clear at this time.

  22. Looking at the Holy Trainer V4 and wondering about size. CB-6000s (2.5 inch cage) seems to work with 45 mm ring. Slightly longer cage would be ok, but would not want smaller. I am assuming 45 mm HT ring would work. Would you suggest the small or standard tube size? I have read elsewhere that HT may measure their cages differently and that perhaps a 48 mm HT would be comparable to 6000s. 48 mm right between small and standard. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would buy 2 rings (can go slightly smaller than 45 mm ring but 40 mm usually too small) and two cages, but add-ons pretty pricey. Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. Hello David, we’re happy to help if we can. The HT small is officially 44mm in length, but wears only a little smaller than the 6000S based on personal experience. If you full out your CB6000S cage well, the standard HT tube might fit you better than the small.
      The 45mm ring of a CB-X model (1-3/4″) is actually more equivalent to a 40mm HT ring, which is not shaped nor measured the same.

      I hope that helps, please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  23. I am looking for sizing advice for the HT v4. I normally wear a 43mm or 40mm round cock ring, some times I will slip out of the 43mm when doing a lot of lifting and bending. The string test yielded a measurement of 140mm which sits in the middle of your zone for 45mm ring. I have been put into a metal cage chastity device the has a ring that measures 42mm (h) x 53mm (w) Mistress does not want me to be able to escape, what size ring do you recommend? My placid penis length (when) wearing a cock ring is 42-47mm, I want the sheath to fit well with the head of my penis up to the tip in order to maintain alignment (and contact) with the opening for purposes of control and urination, I was leaning towards the small vice standard sheath, what is your recommendation?

    1. Hello MT, we’re happy to help if we can. Generally a Holy Trainer ring is larger than advertised, and the string method is not always reliable. Since the 43mm ring you mention sometimes can be escaped, the 40mm ring might be the better guide. If we’re talking about a ring on a device such as CB6000, the 40mm ring (which is #4, 1.625″), a 36mm HT ring would be the one most likely to fit you best. As to your flaccid length, if your measurement is based on the underside of your shaft, then the small tube would be the best fit.

      Does that help? Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  24. I have the Holy Trainer 3. Will the same locking system work on version 4?

    Can the same lock and key work on both?

    1. Yes, the same key should work on all versions.

  25. I have the Holy Trainer 3. Will the same locking system work on version 4?

    Can the same lock and key work on both?

    1. Yes, the same key should work on all versions.

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