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Chastity Dice game

The earlier version of our website included a chastity dice game with an interactive dice roller. We are trying to get it to work on the new site, but we don’t have the skill in house to get this done without a lot of trial-and-error. There are apparently PHP script errors that we aren’t well equipped to debug.

The page containing this feature can be found at

If anyone has the skills and is willing to lend a hand, we’d be very grateful! Please send us an email with your interest and thoughts.


Update May 22, 2017 – we have finally fixed this problem! Thank you all for your support and patience! Go here to play now:

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Birdlocked version 2 is coming in June!

Straight from the manufacturer’s site:

New 2016 – Birdlocked « 2nd Skin »

How and we have improved its product in 2016 ?

This year Birdlocked keeps all its assets but adds a 3D structure to its ring. For Birdlocked it is a great evolution that requested more than one year of study and brings the product to its pinnacle. Indeed, its internal structure is a 3D silicone mesh that allows the skin to breathe better. The silicone on the inside of the ring is no longer smooth, its structure allows the skin to breathe and the user doesn’t feel any discomfort. The use of lubricant is no longer necessary and comfort is exceptional.

If you touch with your fingers the 2nd skin structure, you feel like a fluffy effect, mild and pleasant. It is a unique feeling that we want to share with all our customers today.

Watch here for news of availability!


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The CB-3000 is coming in pink!

The CB-3000 is coming in pink! And for a limited time, we are offering a set of the pink KSD-G3 for free when purchasing the CB-3000 pink.

There has been a further delay with the development of the new “Her Delight”. The design is ready but the producer has been unreachable. We continue to try, but may have to find a new company to product the product.

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Raising Prices

Due to changes in the currency exchange rates, we’ve had to raise the price on the Holy Trainer. However, because of the cost of shipping, we can still provide to our USA customers a savings over buying from the manufacturer directly.

We’ve added the individual parts for the Holy Trainer version 2 for purchase.

Reviews for the new Holy Trainer and the Bon-4M have been excellent thus far!

We are finalizing the design of the “Her Delight” for compatibility with the current CB-X products and hope to begin
accepting pre-orders by mid-June.

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Postal Delays

After 10 years in business, we have finally had a customer that we’ve had to turn away. This was a very regular customer dating back to 2008. Twice in a four month period, the order was delayed in the mail by a week. The customer took a very nasty tone and made irrational accusations and demanded free replacement product. Postal delays are not unheard of, especially around the holidays. But there has been a higher than normal incidence of postal delays leaving Phoenix over the past 5-6 months. We will ALWAYS reship a package as long as we have the understanding with our customer that they will return the second package that arrives. We have no control over the post office, and most customers understand this. But we always try to put our customer’s satisfaction first.

On a more positive note, we are very close to having the Her Delight reintroduced. We hope to have a time table ready by the end of April. Stay tuned!

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Happy New Year everyone!

We are fully stocked with all of the models and colors of the Bon-4. For the month of January, we’ll have them on sale! There’s never been a better time to get one from us!

Also coming soon will be the BON-4M, a metal version of the popular silicon model. We are in the midst of evaluating it now and hope to share the results with you soon!

The price of the CB6000 points of intrigue has been reduced to $49.95.