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BirdLocked has come out with their Maxi model in Clear, Black and Pink

BirdLocked has come out with their Maxi model in Clear, Black and Pink. See the BirdLocked page for more details. The Maxi model has two sizes of rings available; 2″ and 2-1/8″. Plus the tube is longer and a greater inside diameter for the larger male.

The BirdLocked continues to be one of the most comfortable devices out there. Very well made, great attention to detail, and the folks at BirdLocked stand behind their products.

The BirdLocked folks have made some wonder upgrades to their male chastity devices. They now have 3 sizes of rings; the 1-1/2 or 40mm; the 1-7/8″ or 45mm; and the 2″ or 50mm. Now there is a size for everyone.

If you have worn one of the CB-XXXX products and know your ring size, you may easily determine which BirdLocked is
right for you. Our caution would be if you have a tight scrotum, the BirdLocked device may not be for you because of the wide ring. That may cause some discomfort. Remember, purchase at your own risk!

Also, we have had some men say that they could get out of the BirdLocked (or the 6000, 3000, 2000, Curve for that matter). We don’t doubt that at all. Houdini could get out of a locked trunk while wrapped in chains and dropped in a tank of water. The point is that no chastity device in truly “inescapeable”. One customer had a Lori’s 12A with a “0” gage PA and was able to slide over the end of the PA and get out. So not even those are inescapeable. We deal with too many men who purchase a chastity device and want it to work wonders and when they find a way to get out they complain to us.

A male chastity device is also about trust. When your wife locks it on you, you are to honor her and not even try to take it off. Every man will have different experiences with a male chastity device. Kept For Her cannot guarantee the 100% security of any chastity device we sell. There is always a way out of anything regardless of the device. Again, there are absolutely no returns, refunds or exchanges.