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Site migration complete – sort of…..

We’ve recently migrated our site to host it elsewhere, but have had problems with the merchant processor for credit cards. At present, we can only accept PayPal, however you are able to complete your purchase through PayPal using your credit card, even without a PayPal account. Please call John if you need assistance completing your purchase at 602-820-6397.

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Product news – Birdlock Version 2 – Chastity Device

Product news!

We now have the new and improved Birdlock Version 2 line of products! All of the previous versions are gone, but we are offering the current version at the same price as the original version.


We are also offering our exclusive “Guardian”, our popular anti-pullout solution for the Holy Trainer for half price when purchased with the Holy Trainer v2 full package.


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Birdlocked version 2 is coming in June!

Straight from the manufacturer’s site:

New 2016 – Birdlocked « 2nd Skin »

How and we have improved its product in 2016 ?

This year Birdlocked keeps all its assets but adds a 3D structure to its ring. For Birdlocked it is a great evolution that requested more than one year of study and brings the product to its pinnacle. Indeed, its internal structure is a 3D silicone mesh that allows the skin to breathe better. The silicone on the inside of the ring is no longer smooth, its structure allows the skin to breathe and the user doesn’t feel any discomfort. The use of lubricant is no longer necessary and comfort is exceptional.

If you touch with your fingers the 2nd skin structure, you feel like a fluffy effect, mild and pleasant. It is a unique feeling that we want to share with all our customers today.

Watch here for news of availability!


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KSD-G3 Price reduced!

We have reduced our price on the KSD-G3 from $33.50 to $25.00! This should make it much easier and more cost efficient to ship internationally. When purchased with any CB-X full package, they are now only $12.50!


Don’t be fooled by products sold elsewhere in the USA! Though we have licensed our KSD products to be sold at several other sites in Europe, the Chinese have copied our design, shamelessly used our verbiage and instructions and produced a cheap copy. They’ve done this with the CB-X products for many years and also some of the silicon products. We stand behind our products. If you buy elsewhere, our best advice is “buyer beware!”

We would welcome your comments and feedback, always!

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Problems with Website

We have been experiencing problems with our site since May 18, but believe it is working now. Please let us know if you find any problems with it.

If you have any trouble, please call or email us if you would like to place an order.

We can also complete orders by sending a PayPal invoice. All we need is your name, address, email address, and the item(s) that you want to purchase.


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Issues with order and shipping confirmations

We have become aware that some email servers are rejecting our order and shipping confirmation emails. We know that this is a problem with AOL and Verizon email accounts, and there are certainly others. When you place an order, you should receive a confirmation email within an hour. Shipping confirmations would normally be sent out in the morning. If you do not receive them, check your junk mail folder first, then send an email to us to request confirmation. Thank you for your patience and patronage. We hope you’re having a great 2016!

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Holy Trainer Guardian, from Jack

I’m happy to let you know that not only did I receive the Guardian earlier than expected on Monday but more importantly it works quite well and does what it’s intended to do. I could tell immediately there was no way I could pull out and it really turned me on in a way I’ve never experienced before. After a second trimming to flatten and taper the underside of the ends, it’s not digging in and it’s perfectly secure and it has the added benefit of holding me in place, a little pushed forward so I’m lined up consistently so that’s the second best thing about this.
The key is locked in my piggy bank/lockbox and only my wife has the location of the key to the box.
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10 Year Anniversary

We are thrilled to have been in business now 10 years!!! In honor of our anniversary, as well as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we had scheduled an auction on eBay for a rare CB-2000 Pink with matching points of intrigue. Unfortunately, very few people saw this, and consequently nobody tendered a bid. We are considering putting up for sale again in December, perhaps here on the site.