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Product news – November 2020

Holy Trainer Magic Locks are now being sent without numbers, which will make it far more difficult to match when needed. If you have a Magic Lock (whether numbered or not), please take a close-up photo so that you can send to us to match if needed.

PA-5000‘s are no longer being manufactured, however we still have a lot of the 1.25″ size still available. Sadly, the supply of the 1.0″ and 1-1/8″ sizes have been depleted.

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Update to shipping fees – good news for Canada

It’s been a few years since we updated our shipping rates, and they certainly haven’t gone down! So we’ve had to add a dollar or two to our international shipping costs. HOWEVER, our Canada customers are now offered a service whereby we pay the the duty fees in advance on USPS First Class International shipping (does not apply to priority and express at this time). The cost is a mere $8.00 more than our regular rate to Canada for that service, and should result in faster delivery and less hassle overall.

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Our review of the World Cage

World Cage Review by Keptforher

(April 30, 2020)

As you know, we only carry devices of high quality. We have trialed numerous products over the years and have rejected many. However, the World Cage passed all our scrutiny with flying colors!

This is an impressive, precision made device. The closest thing to compare to is the CB-X models, and they have improved upon the design in many ways:
  • The Square lock pins incorporate the spacer so there is no need for a separate part, and eliminates one potential pinch point over the CB-X models.
  • The hinged rings are much easier to get into. There are also less sharp than the CB-X counterparts, making it more comfortable for long term wear.
  • The lock pin fits very snugly into the ring. There is absolutely no detectable wiggle in any of the parts.
  • The tubes are much more ventilated compared to CB-X
  • The material is very strong, and not hard to see why they offer a life-time warranty.
  • The Bali tube is smaller in length and diameter to CB-X’s smallest model
  • The package includes the “Security Shield”, which makes pulling out more difficult.

The security shield is not perfect, as our tester was able to pull out, though was much more difficult. Perhaps the points will be longer and/or more firm (less forgiving) in the future. It also still employs a padlock. But the device is every bit as comfortable as a CB-X product, if not moreso – I think most men would agree!

Check it out HERE!

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Keptforher news – new products, updates, and more

Keptforher news as of September 10, 2020

Due to our recent price reduction, our inventory has taken a bit of a hit. We have no clear Nano tubes or sets available until probably 9/22. We can accept back orders, and will routinely offer alternatives when possible.

Holy Trainer V3 and V4 prices reduced

We’ve reduced our price for the V4 to equal that of the manufacturer. For customers within the USA, this means that we can offer you a better deal in that shipping is less and there is no charge for customs or duty fees – we’ve already paid them!

We still have a supply of V3 sets and parts, and would like to clear out the sets by the end of 2020. If you love your V3, you might want to consider getting a back-up as the manufacturer will discontinue making the parts probably by March 2021 (our guess).

Hand Sanitizer

We have just found a new product that doubles as a hand sanitizer as well as a toy cleaner. We have it listed under Shop / Accessories / Cleaning Supplies, or you can just click HERE and go right to it. In times like today, you can never have too much – stay safe!

For a limited time, we are offering this FREE with the purchase of a World Cage or any other order over $200. Just make sure to request this in the order comments, or write to us at to request.

World Cage – new male chastity product for 2020!

We are among the first to carry the World Cage, a new plastic device to compete with the CB-X products. It has five hinged rings (up to 2-1/8″) and four lock pins that incorporate the spacer. It comes in three cage sizes, the smallest of which (“Bali”) is now the smallest of all plastic models that we are aware of. Extra large and undersized rings can be made from 3D printing, but are rather expensive and take time to make. The World Cage is beautifully packaged and includes a “security shield”, which functions similar to the CB-X points of intrigue. The World Cage includes a lifetime guarantee! (Exception: the security shield is warranted for only three months.) See it HERE.

Holy Trainer Version 4

We were just informed of the new version of Holy Trainer and will get our first shipment in around April 1. We are getting an initial shipment of the clear models. See it HERE.

Holy Trainer Version 3

Prices have been reduced! In some cases, we assemble the package from our supply of parts so that we can ship most orders immediately. See it HERE.

Holy Trainer V2

We have just one package left (36mm Standard white) and some rings and tubes. Prices reduced drastically to clear them out to make room for V4 products. See the package HERE, tubes HERE, and rings HERE.


CB-X has announced the discontinuance of the PA-5000 product line. At this time, we still have the 1.0″ and 1.25″ sizes available and will keep this page updated when that changes.

More new products to come, but we can’t share yet! Check back soon or follow us on Facebook!

That’s all from Keptforher news now!

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Problems with cart and checkout

If you experience problems with our cart management or checkout process, please call John at 602-820-6397. Problems vary between devices and browsers, including:

April 7, 2019

We’ve been able to get the checkout process working on computers with the Microsoft Edge Browser and Google Chrome, though when viewing the Cart, the “Proceed to checkout” button is missing. There are two ways that we’ve found to get there – either go to the Home page, fly over the cart icon and click on the Checkout button, or scroll down the page to the black area and Click on the Checkout page.

On mobile devices, I found that you have to touch the Cart to get a menu, and that doesn’t seem to work consistently. If you get the menu, you can then shop or go to another page.

April 5, 2019

Our site cannot get beyond the Home Page on the mobile devices that we have tried (Google Chrome and Samsung Internet Browser on Galaxy phone). On a computer, you can shop and put something in your cart, but when you attempt to view the cart or proceed directly to checkout, you get a message indicating that your cart is empty. Everything seems to work perfectly on Google Chrome on a computer. We have not been able to determine the cause of the disparity, but are still working on it.

March 18, 2019

Clicking on “View Cart” and seeing that your cart is empty;

Emptying your cart, but seeing later that it is not empty.

Seeing your cart, but no way to proceed to checkout. (In some cases, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen to select the “checkout” page.)

We are actively working to resolve these issues. Please share your experiences if you can to help us solve the issues. Thank you for your patience and perseverance.

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KSD-G3: price reduced to compete with counterfeits

The KSD-G3 set has been SHAMELESSLY COPIED by the Chinese. Even our instructions and testimonials from our customers that had been written specifically to us about this product have been copied and included in their marketing texts. Don’t be fooled! We are the only vendor in the USA to sell these, and we have licensed them for sale to three other outlets in the UK and Europe. If you find them on Amazon, eBay, or anywhere else, they are knock-offs!

We have reduced the price from $25 to $15, and now offer them free with a purchase of any CB-X full package.