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CB-6000, CB-3000, The Curve

We offer the original and authentic CB6000 family of products and our own unique anti-pullout security accessories.

First, you want to get the right fit of the large Cuff ring. This ring goes under side of the scrotum and when you put the two top pieces together the ring will go totally around the scrotum and the penis shaft. You want the ring to be a bit snug, but not too tight and not too loose.

There are 5 rings that come in the kits for these 3 Chastity Devices. If you are a mid-sized man, take one of the larger rings and put it under the scrotum. Now take the Base Pieces (A and B). Base Piece A has the two side alignment poses attached. Put Base Piece A through the back of the ring so that the two alignment posts point away from your body.

Now take Base Piece B. You will notice that the middle hole of Base Piece B has a recessed area on one side for the middle hole. The recessed side will point away from your body. It is recessed so that the spacer will fit part way into Base Piece B. Fit Base Piece B over the two alignment posts of Base Piece A and click the A and B pieces together to create a solid ring. Do not pinch your skin or hair when you do this.

How does that feel? Is it too tight? If so pick a different ring and start over. If it is too loose, you might want to go down a ring size. You can always change later after you have had a chance to wear the CB for a day or two.

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Locking Pin & Spacer

There are four locking pins and each pin has its own spacer. The locking pin will go through the back side of the ring and point away from the body. Start with the longest locking pin for now and push it through the side of the ring closest to your body. Take the largest spacer that goes with the longest locking pin and fit it onto the locking pin. You must use a spacer or you will pinch your scrotum between the Cuff ring and the tube. Your scrotum will swell up and will turn colors.

You will notice that when you fit the spacer over the locking pin that the spacer will fit into the Base Piece B a little bit. If it does not, take off the Base Piece B, turn it around so that the recessed (indented) side of Base Piece B faces away from your body.

Once you have the ring on together with the locking pin and spacer, you are ready to put on the cage. If you purchased the KSD-G3 we will not deal with that right now.

Now put some lubricant on your shaft and head. The lubricant could be some soap lather, baby oil, or personal lubricant. Push the head and shaft into the cage. Sometimes it helps to twist the cage and push at the same time. Get as much of the head and shaft into the cage as possible.

Pull the cage up and fit the two white alignment posts into the two holes on the outsides of the cage. As you pull the cage up, make sure not to pinch any skin or pull any hair. Fit the cage all the way onto the locking pin so that enough of the locking pin sticks through the outside of the cage so that the lock can go through the hole in the locking pin. Now, if everything is right, put the lock through the locking pin hole and snap it shut.

Wear your device like that for a while and see how it feels. You may need to change the ring size and/or the locking pin and spacers.

Common Questions:

How does it feel?

If all seems well, wear it as is for a while and check for problems. If something is too tight, you will see some discoloration in the scrotum mainly. Do not let the wearer be without access to the key until both the wearer and Keyholder are assured of a safe and comfortable fit! This might take several days to a couple of weeks. Keyholder, be patient with the wearer, please!

It may take several adjustments to the Cuff ring, spacers, and/or locking pins before the male is assured of a secure and good fit. Do not settle for anything less than total security
for your Keyholder. She deserves it!

My CB has come apart at the seams. What do I do?

The two halves of the CB’s are fused together by sonic welding. They are not glued. Normally, one CB tube will last you forever. However, if one does come apart, contact the company that you purchased it from. There is a one-year warranty from the manufacturer and you will get a replacement cage if your cage was purchased within one year. If you must wear the CB while you are waiting for a replacement, put some super glue between the two halves to keep them from separating during arousals and then closing and pinching you. If you purchased the cage from Kept For Her in the last 12 months, we will replace it for the cost of shipping. Please go to our FAQ page and scroll down to Warranty and Returns to see our policy.

Can I swim, run and have other physical activities while wearing a CB?

Yes! If the sport is extremely fast-paced, you may want to use an athletic supporter. Otherwise, you will be fine.

How do I deal with frustration and mental anxiety while wearing a CB?

Putting on a CB will not be as hard to get used to physically as it will mentally. All of a sudden you have something that is very important taken away from you. You can no longer touch it or stimulate yourself. The best answer is “just deal with!” Hopefully, the Keyholder is kind and will not just leave you alone. There should be some good play and attention given to the male. He’s not as strong as he makes himself out to be. After a few months, the CB will be a normal part of your lifestyle. Both physically and mentally you will become accustomed to it to the point where when it is taken off you will look forward to getting it put back on again.

If possible, get your mind off of the fact that you are locked up. When anxiety hits, go for a walk, call a friend or your KeyHolder, get involved in a hobby, go to the store. Also, you might want to interact with others on a couple of message boards: www.locknkeep.com and www.lockmeup.com. You will find others who have probably experienced just what you are going through.

I get skin poking out of the vent holes, especially in the CB-3000 and the CB-6000.

This may happen during arousals. Take some clear packing tape and put it over the holes. That will stop that problem. To get the skin out of the holes, pull backwards on the shaft until the skin pulls back down.

Can I make it through the airport security check with a CB on?

They are all plastic or silicone. If you are concerned about the lock, use plastic locks.

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