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Since 2004, Kept For Her has been helping couples on their journey to a more fulfilling marriage with male chastity. A healthy marriage is one of mutual love, affection, trust, intimacy, and desire for one another.  This relationship is also one of serving one another, giving yourself to the other, trusting and wildly loving one another!

Male chastity can be one helpful link in a healthy, intimate and romantic marriage (see Why Chastity).  Keeping your man in chastity can add to the excitement, intimacy and confidence that he is Kept For You!!  There is a certain bonding that many couples tell us about when the man is kept in chastity and the relationship begins to focus on areas of mutual interests and enduring qualities and some very quality intimate times together!!  So ladies, what are you waiting for?  Get your man locked and Kept For You!!!

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imagesI’m going to break this down into many categories.  This might be a good article for you or her to print out and go over together to see where you can improve.  Now you may be thinking, “I wish she would change though.” Let me tell you, if you begin doing the things I will share, she will respond in a way that is sure to wow you!!  Let’s get going!



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    • Special #2 – KSD-G3 is now free with the purchase of a CB-6000.
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Men, as your precious wife has locked you in your chastity device, out of love and respect for her you should wear it with great pride and gratitude to her. It is a sign of commitment to her, of love to her, and your desire to be kept for her. View More

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Thank you for the quick response. This is one of the reasons why I keep returning to Kept for Her for service, you are always honest, helpful, and do your best to research and provide the best quality product. Your service is and has always been above what one would call A++ service.I have done business with Kept for Her for about 10 years.

From S.G. in Germany (April 2014)

Thank you the the great service and very fast turnaround time. Having never worn a chastity cage before, John took the time to explain various measurements I should take. Given that I purchased a Holy Trainer, there isn't much margin for error, as it only comes with one ring. But it's perfect because of the time you took with me! The product is fantastic. I've been in it more than out of it for my first four days. It's comfortable to wear day and night and is undetectable under clothing. And as much I can endorse the HT, I endorse Kept For Her even more! Thank you again.

From Will November 2013

Recently I confessed my desire to my wife that I wanted her to take control of our marriage of 17 years by placing me in chastity. After a couple of weeks of conversation she decided to place an order for a cb6000s with the kds g3. The package arrived two days latter and I was immediately put into my new reality. The kds enhancement made wearing my device a bit more uncomfortable, but impossible for me to break free. After three days of continual wear I began to get used to the device and the mental stress and excitement if being totally focused on my wife. The results are amazing as I am a better man and husband to the woman I love. Thank you for assisting my wife in making the right purchase and making her comfortable in a lifestyle change that has enhanced our relationship.

From Pete October 2013

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